Family Recovery Workshop

FREE Family Recovery Workshops
Boston Center for Addiction treatment
75 Lindall street
Danvers, MA 01923

Drive past the circular driveway and statue in front of the main entrance and park in the first lot on the left. Go through the iron gates and walk through the brick courtyard to the community meeting entrance.

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Workshops will be held at:
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This is not a support group for addicts and alcoholics and will not be an appropriate place for them to seek support for their recovery.

Our meetings will offer a workshop-style environment mixed with a support group atmosphere. Each meeting we will discuss, in depth, a new and relevant topic. There will be an opportunity for all participants to speak, ask questions, or add to the discussion.

We offer a place to learn new and effective ways to approach a loved one who may be struggling with addiction or behavioral issues. With so many questions often left unanswered about how to play a role in a loved one’s recovery or how to approach an active addict, we felt that it was necessary to offer a wide variety of topics.

Topics for discussion will include:

  • Recognizing the signs and symptoms of use and abuse
  • Learning about addiction and recovery
  • Understanding the recovery process
  • The continuum of care
  • Learning about acceptance and denial
  • Understanding and applying healthy boundaries
  • the options available to families looking for help
  • Dealing with a fractured family system
  • Healthy communication around this issue
  • What’s happened, what’s been done, and why it hasn’t helped

Providing education, guidance, and direction

Empowering families, friends, and loved ones

As a company that prides itself on providing solution-based services for families struggling with a loved one’s addiction, we are now offering our signature set of free educational workshops.

You can join these meetings at any time, and do not need to sign up.

These workshops are being offered for any family members, friends, or concerned loved ones struggling with someone’s addiction or behavioral issues. This is a great opportunity for anyone who may be looking for tools, skills, and strategies to help them in their efforts to help a loved one.