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Family Interventions

When the family is willing to fight the addiction but the addict is not, we intervene. This is our flagship service. Our intervention model was designed by recovered addicts to help active addicts become willing to take their first steps into, or even back into, recovery.

When people think of intervention they often think of it as being a one-day event, and in most cases this is true. The BRS Intervention is a 30 - 90-day process designed not only to help you and your family prepare for the day of intervention, but it allows us to be involved long after to help you deal with any and all problems that may arise.

Our strategic and educational weekly meetings will help prepare you and your family to create a strong support system for your loved one and each other. Healthy support from family is crucial while your loved one is in treatment, and the things you say, and options you offer, can often determine the productivity of your loved one’s treatment experience.